High-quality cables; e.g. for telecommunications represent a valuable asset. That’s why companies take precautions to prevent theft of cable drumsor to upgrade them in such a way that their location can always be reliably detected.

Furthermore, the tracker, which we co-developed with m2m, serves to improve internal logistics.

m2m has developed a product concept for such a tracker, which allows the localization of cable drums or other high-value capital goods on a GSM basis. We were responsible for the development of a housing that guarantees a long-lasting continuous outdoor operation even at changing temperatures and heavy rain.

The enclosure concept was subjected to extensive testing against moisture and vandalism, among other things. Subsequently, a small series of 500 units was produced in our company using additive manufacturing (HP Multi Jet Fusion) and finally assembled at m2m. Production using additive manufacturing allows short reaction times with regard to design changes or short-term changes in requirements.