Successful integrated product design from Hoffmann + Krippner.

The product designers and developers of our group of companies successfully participated in this year’s renowned IF Design Award design competition. The top-class jury found the product design for the industrial control AC500-eCo V3 PLC worthy of an award.

For the new development of the industrial controller AC500-eCo V3 PLC, our customer brought our product designers and engineers on board at the very beginning of the development process. They had to ensure a sophisticated design and a tool-compatible, low-cost production.

Our colleagues were able to successfully meet these requirements. This is because they were a firmly integrated member of the development team from an early stage. Our designers and engineers were already involved in the initial concept meetings and were able to provide advice right from the start. According to Jens Schnur, project manager at H+K, this is also the reason for the successful collaboration. “We maintain very intensive contact and have the appropriate knowledge to meet the special requirements in this particular product area.”

The mechanical design requirements were particularly demanding for this project. The compact installation space had to be taken into account as well as the high operating temperature and high environmental requirements during operation.

Our engineers and product designers provided the customers development team with very comprehensive support – the spectrum ranged from product design, development, article design and supervision of the toolmaker to quality control in the series start-up phase.

The result is impressive. The intelligent modular system enables optimized processes at minimized costs and higher profitability for users, thus ensuring new market opportunities and growth potential for our clients customers. The flexibly deployable modules require fewer spare parts and correspondingly lower storage costs. Learn more about the excellent product AC500-eCo V3 PLC (

If you are also looking for a professional partner for the realization of your product ideas, you can reach Jens Schnur by mail () or by phone at +49 (0)69 82 37 247 0 at our location in Frankfurt am Main.

Formnext, the world’s largest additive manufacturing event with 600+ exhibitors, offers everything there is to know about the future of manufacturing technologies.

This year, despite Corona measures, the fair was once again a great success.

At the HP 3D Printing booth, we presented 3D printed models for electronic housings, IoT sensors, e-scooter charging stations, as well as mobile and weatherproof outdoor devices according to IP protection classes.We developed and produced all applications in the multi-jet fusion (MJF) process for the industrial sector. On the basis of our exhibition models, we will show you the diverse technical possibilities of this printing process.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jens Arend, Jens Schnur and Andreas Bayer ( / / ).

The company LEON Mobility has set itself the goal of facilitating the charging of light electric vehicles such as e-scooters and e-scooters in public spaces.

In cooperation with Hoffmann + Krippner, the idea was turned into reality. The tasks included the creation of design concepts, article construction and the production of the assembly using 3D printing (MJF). In addition, the housings were glued to the display glass at our main location in Buchen. In this way, a small series was successfully implemented within a very short time.

The first proove-of-concepts were assembled in Stuttgart and have been in use in the outdoor area for more than a year.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jens Arend and Andreas Bayer at the following address  ( / )

High-quality cables; e.g. for telecommunications represent a valuable asset. That’s why companies take precautions to prevent theft of cable drumsor to upgrade them in such a way that their location can always be reliably detected.

Furthermore, the tracker, which we co-developed with m2m, serves to improve internal logistics.

Our understanding of good product design and effective construction in an IoT project?

Is clearly a commitment to quality, functionality and state-of-the-art technology. A perfect basis for efficiency and cost savings in the areas of development and production. And thus also a further guarantee of tangible competitive advantages.

With the intelligent beer coaster “Smart Call” we hit the pulse of the time, because disdainful paper beer mats, which only served as coasters, are a thing of the past.
Together with the glass manufacturer RASTAL, we have developed this digital beverage ordering system. SmartCall offers the catering trade an IoT solution for service optimisation and sustainable customer loyalty.

Hessen is a design location with power and tradition – the Hessen Design Routes make this visible on site. From the Rhine-Main region with Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Offenbach, Darmstadt via Gießen and Marburg to Kassel. With a turnover of just under 1.9 billion euros, about 4,800 companies and a total of around 17,200 employees, but also as a driving force for other branches of industry, the design sector makes a significant contribution to Hesse’s economic strength. The Hessen Design Routes are an excellent opportunity to get an idea of this.